In the 2011-12 season the Saints Robotics team participated in the 2011–2012 FRC season, this time traveling to both the Seattle Olympic and Spokane Regionals. At Seattle, the team made eliminations and ended as a semifinalists, whereas in Spokane the team ended up as quarter finalists. The team also won the Entrepreneurship Award at Spokane, given to the team with the best business plan for future sustainability. Although the robot was not as successful as the breakthrough 2011 season, many lessons were learned from the problems from faulty mechanisms.

This year represented a shift in the design and build processes for the team, as the team learned a lot about what structures and mechanisms worked well, and what did not perform to expectations. This would serve us well in the next season. 2012 also was the first year the team integrated laser cut wood elements onto the robot, shaping the materials used in the next year and beyond