What We Do

We are Saints Robotics, Team 1899, a robotics team based out of Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington.


Students work on constructing and assembling the robot.

Students work on constructing and assembling the robot.

We live in a society where technology is of paramount importance to success.

Our mission is to help students experience the practical implementation of science and technology through the process of constructing a robot, in hopes to interest them in the greater technological world. While we are known for our robotic assembly, we honor the other aspects tied into the technological world, such as web development and applicable business skills.

Through each meeting and every chance we get to teach valuable life skills for each and every member such as:

  • Communication
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

Furthermore, we practice Gracious Professionalism—an important motto of the FIRST Robotics Competition—where all teams treat each other with respect and lend a helping hand, even while in competition. Saints Robotics takes this philosophy out of the arena and into the community, and aims to encourage all members to be involved in service and outreach projects.


Our team’s activities center around the FIRST Robotics Competition. Every year we receive a new prompt or goal to achieve during competition. View our previous competition history.

Not only does the team build robots, but it also emphasizes the importance of community outreach through its Helping Hounds program. Every year the team organizes robotics demonstrations including ones at local elementary school science fairs,  Boys & Girls Clubs, at Girl Scout meetings, as well as at our own school. In addition, the team is involved in team volunteer events outside of meetings at Northwest Harvest and King Conservation District.


In order to manage a team of over sixty students efficiently, we divide our club into five subteams: Build, Programming, Website, Public Relations, and Media. Each of these subteams is under one of two subdivisions: Engineering and Communications. All members are encouraged to join a subteam of their choosing. However, these teams are not permanent, and members are welcome to affiliate with multiple different subteams.

Engineering Branch

Build Team

Members of Saints Robotics drill a piece of metal

Members of Saints Robotics drill a piece of metal

Build is the sub team that oversees the design, construction, and test of robots for the FRC competition and any off-season projects the team conducts.  The purpose of the team is to teach members about the practical application of the science and math they learn during school, and to inspire them to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.

Members utilize Computer Aided Design using Solidworks or Autodesk Inventor to assembling laser cut parts to construct the final robot. This not only gives members the valuable skill of digital design, but also helps the brainstorm and planning process of building the robot.

Most importantly, although the build team is a seperate subteam, every member of Saints Robots is considered to be a part of the build team, as robotics is the foundation of our team.

Programming Team

The programming team diligently uses the resources available to them, as well as the Java language, in order to both improve the robot and allow it to reach new heights in the competition, and in their understanding of how technology moves the world today.

Through much practice and hard work, members gain more experience in the field of computer science, and are able to directly apply the gained knowledge to the robot, making this tangible machine perform to the best of its ability.

Members of the web team work on updating the website

CAD Team

The CAD team spends their time designing the physical layout of the robot, planing which part goes where before build team picks up a screwdriver.

Communications Branch

Website Team

Our website team works on the design, layout, and organization of the website. The team also works to better communicate within the team, constructing a forum and wikipedia system as a side project. They also work with public relations to update the website’s content regularly.

Public Relations Team

The public relations (PR) team works with sponsors and foundations to raise funds for the team. They also hold fundraisers, such as writing grants, an annual pasta dinner and auction, a letter writing campaign, a practice SAT fundraiser and selling hexbugs. Public Relations is also in charge of communication with various people, including school administration, parents, and the FIRST organization.

Media Team

The media team uses videos and photography to promote the image of Saints Robotics across the web.  Media also documents public outreach events, records the progress of our robot, and produces promotional material to distribute online and to sponsors. We also capture the enthusiasm at the FIRST robotics competitions, and contribute to the community. Visit our Youtube account, Twitter page, or Flickr page for video footage and photography of the team.