It’s the end of Week 4 of build season. Prototyping and designs are finalized, and work on assembling the robot has begun.




Here’s what the sub-teams have been up to in the last week:

Build: The build team has finished putting together the practice chassis and have moved on to gluing the actual chassis together. In addition, drive practice and tests have begun for the selection of this year’s drive team.

PR: PR has been busy! They’re in the process of editing the Entrepreneur Award business plan as well as preparing their presentation of the Chairman’s Essay. On top of that, they’re continuing to scout for sponsors.

Programming: Our programming team is also working hard. They’re beginning to put together and deploying the robot’s code for the practice bot. In addition, they’re wrapping up the scouter input for competition.

Media: Media is hard at work on the Chairman’s interviews and continuing the Fed-Ex Challenge on the side. Robot Reveal is beginning to be planned to signal all the Saints’ hard work during build season, and meme team is working hard to keep the spirits up.

CAD: CAD finished the standard for the flag as well as the DXF files allowing the laser printer to cut the pieces for the robot. On the side, the shield project is nearly complete and the new computer for the club is almost complete as well.



It’s the 3rd week of build season, and things are steadily falling into place.

As we approach the second half of build season, the team has been finishing up prototyping, and finalizing the design of the robot.



Here’s what the sub-teams have been up to:

BUILD has finished prototyping the kicker, and are in the process of finalizing the design. The pickup mechanism has been finalized, and the build sub-team is revising the chassis.

MEDIA is starting on the Robot Reveal, which will be finished by the end of build season, as well the the Chairman’s Video for competition. In addition, the sub-team is in the process of making the series of videos for the FedEx Challenge.

PROGRAMMING spent the week wrapping up the server for the scouter, as well as mounting electronics in the robot wheel.

CAD has been working hard over the last week. The superstructure of the pick-up was edited as well as additions to the chassis. Revisions on the chassis include the addition of hardwood holes, extended bottom support, enlarged gearbox insert, and adjusted bearing hole sizes. They are in the process of CADing the kicker.

PR has also been working up a storm, with revisions on the Chairman’s Essay. In addition, they have been working on nominations for awards, such as the Entrepreneur Award and the Woody Flowers Award with our lead mentor, Mr. Moore, being nominated. On the side, PR has been continuing their sponsorship search.

WEB has been continuing to periodically update the website.

Second week of build season! We have been prototyping our ideas and are hoping to decide on a final design by the beginning of next week.

Everyone on the team has been pitching their ideas and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses.


Here is what the sub-teams have been doing this week:

BUILD has been prototyping manipulators.

MEDIA has been continuing to work on the FedEx challenge, documenting, and working on the Chairman’s video.

PROGRAMMING  has been doing on the scouter app, and we’ve practiced skills used designing robot code.

CAD has been constructing the chassis and designing the shield.

PR has been working on sponsorship and community outreach.

WEB has been updating the website.


Welcome to build season! We went to kickoff at Mount Terrace High School, which introduced us to this year’s challenge, FIRST Stronghold!

Right after kickoff, we traveled back to our school for a brainstorming session. The team came up with several possible strategies that would let attain the most points.


Our first week was very productive, and all our sub teams did a lot of things and had lots of fun.

MEDIA has been working on the FedEx challenge, and has been documenting all the wonderful things going on in our fantastic club!

PROGRAMMING has been prototyping with the rest of the club, and they are now starting on the Scouter app.

PR has been working on the business plan.

WEB has been updating many pages on the website, to make it look as wonderful as our team is.

CAD has been designing the chassis, specifically focusing on the center of gravity of the robot. They have also designed  a 4-6 sim drive system, mounted over the front wheel bay.

BUILD has been prototyping the drive-train and the manipulator. They have chosen a 6-wheel drop center drive-train, and are still in the process of prototyping the manipulators.

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