Here are some videos from our team throughout the build seasons.  For more videos, please check out our YouTube channel.

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The FIRST Experience

This video was shown at the start of the four regional Logomotion kickoff events in Washington State.

Saints Robotics 2011 Safety Animation

This is the first Safety Animation created by Saints Robotics. It was one of the six international finalists.

Saints Robotics 2010 Autodesk Animation

This animation was made for the Autodesk Excellence in Design contest as part of the FIRST robotics competition. The prompt was Change our World, which was aimed at designing a solution for a global concern. The problem we decided to tackle was droughts, as water shortages have dire affects in undeveloped places. Our solution to this problem was satellites that can find sources of fresh water for local populations.

Saints Robotics Commercial

A heart-pounding commercial for Saints Robotics.

2009–10 Season

Interlake Saints Robotics R&D workshop.

This is day one of Saints Robotics kicker prototype tests.

Here is the improved kicker after modifying its design.

2008–09 Season

This is our VEX promotional video that we submitted to the VEX Robotics Design Challenge in the 2008-09 season.

This is a Saints Robotics logo animation created in 3DS Max.

2007–08 Season

Here are some clips from the 2008 build season.