2015-2016 Season Summary

The 2015-2016 season saw a completely new leadership team composed mostly of juniors. Even with a lack of experience, the season started off strong, with our team making it to the elimination rounds at Girls Generation with the past season’s robot and a record breaking membership of over 100. This created additional challenges for the additional leadership team, especially in keeping all the members involved during the six week build season. The team competed at Glacier Peak and Auburn Mountainview High Schools’ district competitions with our robot, Bamboozler.

The team took on a new challenge, hosting two rounds of the FLL Eastside Qualifiers, with many members being involved, and were able to host over 60 teams. The team also visited many science fairs, bringing the robot and groups of students to promote STEM programs in Bellevue Schools. With all these new experiences, by the end of the season, the team really grew into a cohesive family unit, which can hopefully continue into the future.