About Us

Mission Statement

We are Saints Robotics, Team 1899, a FIRST Robotics Competition Team based out of Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington. We strive to engage students in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by allowing them to work on the construction of physical robots.

Team Logo

Interlake Saints Robotics strives to increase efficiency in STEM education by helping students better themselves –to challenge its members and all those it affects to learn and apply STEM skills through hands-on, mentor-guided activities, and in the process, spread interest and competence in engineering to provide opportunities for everyone impacted to change the world through areas of knowledge that they are passionate about.

Team Relations

Saints Robotics is a student-led organization, which allows students to take charge of their own learning. Our egalitarian relationship between veterans and newcomers, and members and mentors, empowers students to learn and make a difference regardless of previous experience.

Furthermore, we practice gracious professionalism — an important aspect of the FIRST Robotics Competition — where all teams treat each other with respect and lend a helping hand, even while in competition. Saints Robotics also takes this philosophy out of the competition and into the community, and aims to encourage all members to be involved in service and outreach projects.


Our team’s activities center around the FIRST Robotics Competition. Every year we receive a new game from FIRST and we as a team build a robot, to compete with, for that game during competitions. FIRST also rewards teams during competition for the work they do around their communities that help spread and promote STEM. Furthermore,  FIRST reward teams for their qualities like their organization or their inclusiveness.
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Not only does the team build robots, but it also emphasizes the importance of community outreach through its Helping Hounds program. Every year the team organizes robotics demonstrations including ones at local elementary school science fairs, Boys & Girls Clubs, at Girl Scout meetings, as well as at our own school. In addition, the team is involved in team volunteer events outside of meetings at Northwest Harvest and helps to host FLL Qualifier Matches.


In order to manage a team of over ninety students efficiently, we divide our club into six sub-teams: Build, Programming, Public Relations, Media, CAD and Web. Each of these sub-teams is under one of two divisions: Engineering or Communications. All members join a sub-team of their choosing, however these teams are not set in stone, so members are welcome to affiliate with multiple different sub-teams.

Engineering Branch

Build Team

Cutting a screw

A build member cutting metal on the robot.

Build is the sub-team that oversees the design, construction, and testing of the robots for the FRC competition and any off-season projects the team conducts. The purpose of the team is to teach members about the practical application of the science and math they learn in school, and to inspire them to pursue careers in STEM-related fields.

Members utilize and help in designing Computer Aided Designs made on OnShape. Then the Build sub-team is in charge of putting those pieces together, as well as modifying them in order to finish the physical robot that our team will use in competition.

Most importantly, although the Build team is a separate sub-team, every member of Saints Robotics is considered to be a part of the Build team, as robotics is the foundation of our team, and so Build is a very integral and essential part of it.

Programming Team

A programming member coding our robot.

Programming is the sub-team that is responsible for every piece of code that goes into the robot. The team allows its members to take computer science theory that they learn in class and apply it to real world robots.

The sub-team mostly focuses on Java, and has constructed its own framework in Java to better collaborate and innovate with the robot code. The programming sub-team also focuses on accessibility and opportunity by providing a short crash-course in Java.

Control Systems is a separate part of Programming that works with the electronics on the robot. Members work with circuitry, motors, sensors, and advanced programming techniques to help wire the robot and program its autonomous behavior.

CAD Team

The CAD sub-team working on designing the robot.

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) sub-team is responsible for the designing of anything our club needs to build or have laser cut. The purpose of this sub-team is to teach and encourage students to pursue careers that involve designing and design tech.

Our CAD sub-team uses OnShape, an online design tool which aids in sharing and collaborating designs at an accelerated pace. CAD works together to establish a strong, enduring, wooden robot to operate during FIRST competitions because of that material’s low-cost and ecofriendly impacts. CAD also designs spirit gear and parts of the practice field when needed.

The learning process is the most important part of this sub-team. Many members in this sub-team start off with very little knowledge about the CAD program we use. That is why we work to teach the program to all CAD members, with the veteran members working to train newer ones, which helps to emphasize constant growth and support in the sub-team.

Communications Branch

Website Team

Our Website team works on the design, layout, and organization of our website. This sub-team helps those who are interested in the website designing and publishing fields to experiment and explore using our website as a base guide.

Our website is built on WordPress and is the platform our Web sub-team works off of. This platform uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript like a normal website, but it streamlines the process with easier access to pictures and a smoother layout for designing, with multiple people able to edit the site at once.

The Web sub-team keeps records of the history of the club while helping spread awareness about it and allow others easy access to information about our club. This is very important in helping our team grow from the past, as well as accumulate knowledge in a central database and help people in and outside of our team learn about the club.

Business and Development Team

Members of BD working on our business plan.

The Business and Development (BD) sub-team helps our club raise money as well as organizes community outreach opportunities for the club. Those who are not as interested in STEM are able to find a place on this sub-team, which helps build business management skills, as well as writing and public speaking skills.

Our BD sub-team works with large corporations and foundations to raise funds for the team. BD also works in community outreach, holding events to raise awareness about the team. Additionally, this team writes grants to outside companies, which generates a large amount of funding for the robot and the team as a whole.

This sub-team helps to attract students who are not as interested in STEM to our team, increasing the diversity of the students and their specialties. This helps us get more insight from different minded people and helps us to grow overall as a more diverse team.

Media Team

Media member taking pictures at competition.

The Media sub-team team uses videos and photography to promote the image of Saints Robotics to the public. Media helps students that are interested in social marketing to work through and develop ways to market our team to other people, especially online.

Media uses cameras and videos to capture and post about our team, editing those images and videos to showcase the qualities of our team. Media also documents public outreach events, records the progress of our robot, and produces promotional material to distribute online and to our sponsors. They also capture the enthusiasm at the FIRST robotics competitions, and contribute to the overall community.

Media helps to keep our club on the radar, as well as provide anything image-related our club needs. This sub-team helps to solidify what our team does, making sure that what happens in our team does not just stay in our team, but the hard work and labor of each sub-team is documented and appreciated.