Community Outreach

The Helping Hounds Program

The Helping Hounds Program is a community service program that was founded by Saints Robotics in 2009. Through our program, we have helped our community with our outreach activities, including volunteering at Northwest Harvest and at the FIRST Lego League Tournaments. The Helping Hounds also demonstrate our robots at many elementary school assemblies and science fairs to inspire young children with our robotics program. We also led robot demonstrations at the first Robothon Tournament, as well as at Crossroads Mall.

One of our missions is to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). We have actively promoted the development of STEM in our community through various activities and events.

FIRST Outreach

Our team engages in a number of activities in our community in order to promote the vision and message of FIRST. We expose the wonders of FIRST to various students that would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience robotics. We continue to try and broaden our outreach programs in parallel to our growing and maturing team.


Our team hosts numerous events to promote STEM, ultimately to encourage more students to pursue STEM-related majors in college. These events are done outside of the FIRST program, and are our team’s attempt to spread STEM in our own ways.

Community Outreach

Our way to give back to the community. These events are not about technology, but about improving the community as a whole, showing that a robotics team does not necessarily have to be all about robots, but it is also about the sense of community you make and how to work together as a team.


We host many science-based fundraisers we have organized throughout the years to promote science and technology in our community. We also raise money during FIRST events we host as well as our own STEM events as part of our Helping Hounds Program.