2017-2018 Season

Chipotle Fundraiser

As a part of our annual fundraising efforts, we are hosting a restaurant fundraiser at Chipotle on Friday, February 23. Through this, we gain 50% of all proceeds from the fundraiser. All that is required is a purchase at Chipotle and saying that you are contributing to the fundraiser. The proceeds help us pay for the building of the robot and competition fees, as well as to keep our club running smoothly.


Letter-Writing Campaign

Letter Writing Campaign.

Members of our club preparing letters to be sent.

Our team requested that its members write letters to anyone they know who may be able to donate to our club, whether it be through a business or a personal donation. We then collected the letters and sent them out, helping our club to raise money as well as help our members become more personally invested into the club, and be able to feel like they are contributing to its financial stability. It also serves to open the eyes of members in other sub-teams to the business side of our club, which is often hidden, as they do not directly contribute to the building of the robot, but instead ensure the club has ample funding and runs smoothly.

Previous Years

Our annual pasta dinner is a major source of funding for our club's various activities.

Our annual pasta dinner is a major source of funding for our club’s various activities.

Pasta Dinner

On November 20, 2012, Saints Robotics held its third annual Pasta Dinner Fundraiser and Silent Auction! The event was a tremendous success, with a turnout of over 100 participants, and raising over $1700. The funds raised are instrumental towards purchasing parts and programs for the build season. Homemade pasta was served alongside bread, salads donated from Haiku Buffet, sides donated from Jade Garden, and coffee and beverages donated by Starbucks Coffee. In addition to purchasing dinner tickets, participants also had the option of bidding on items in the silent auction. Selections included, but were not limited to, gift cards from Chili Basil Thai Grill, PF Chang’s, and Applebee’s, and the Cheesecake Factory, gift baskets from Trader Joe’s, The Body Shop, Great Harvest Bread, and Cookies by Design, and paintings from Foryu Furnishings.

Practice SAT

On October 27, 2012, Saints Robotics held a Practice SAT fundraiser sponsored by Big Brains Education Enrichment. Students in attendance were able to receive full score-reports documenting their results, and Saints Robotics members supervised participants to ensure a real-life testing experience. The funds raised go directly towards purchasing parts and programs, or paying for registration during build season!

Letter-Writing Campaign

Interlake Saints Robotics is holding an ongoing letter-writing campaign to raise funds for the club! Team members deliver request forms to family, friends, and businesses in the community that they know personally, explaining the FIRST and Saints Robotics message. Through the campaign, Saints Robotics simultaneously spreads STEM throughout the community and raises funds for competition and growth. This team is exceptionally grateful for the community relationships that it can foster through outreach programs such as this one.

Demonstrating hexbugs at the Seattle Center.

Demonstrating hexbugs at the Seattle Center.


Hexbugs are a fun, interactive way for young minds to become interested in science and robotics. The Original Hexbug is an autonomous robot with sensors that can detect barriers such as walls, or vibrations, from clapping. These sensors allow the Hexbug to turn around upon detecting such barriers or vibrations.

The Ant Hexbug is a variety of Hexbug that races forward at very high speeds. Similar to the original Hexbug, it has sensors to detect barriers and vibrations, and switch directions to continue its high-speed motion. The Ant can also balance and rotate if set on its side. All Hexbugs come in various shapes and neon colors. We sell them each for $10.00.