General Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Be a role model team member, acting responsibly and with integrity
  • Maintain academic eligibility and demonstrate team dedication
  • Attend weekly leadership meetings as required (7-9pm on Tuesdays year-round)
  • Stay in communication with the leadership team by checking email daily and responding as necessary
  • Attend the FRC lab at least 3 times per week during the FRC build season
  • Attend competitions as required to fulfill your position – Many leadership roles are required to attend all of the FRC and/or VEX competitions that the team attends.

All responsibilities are subject to minor changes at the discretion of the new leadership team. Furthermore, all leaders are expected to be willing to take on miscellaneous tasks as necessary.

Role-Specific Responsibilities & Requirements


  • Should have at least two years of experience on the team
  • Manages & organizes the leadership team
  • Acts as the “voice of the team” and is a spokesperson for the team.
  • Acts as the liaison to the school administration
  • Maintains inter-team relations, relations with other institutions, and relations within the team and with the mentors
  • Maintains team unity and ensures proper year-round communication

Programming Officer

  • Manages & organizes students involved in programming and controls tasks
  • Reports to the Engineering Director
  • Should have at least two years of experience with the FRC program
  • Organizes workshops and ensures students are prepared for programming & controls tasks
  • Oversees programming and controls tasks for all robots
  • Oversees creation of FRC operator interface and maintenance of competition laptop(s)
  • Manages software repositories, oversees software distribution and ensures software is archived
  • Ensures that FRC programmers have adequate support and resources to ensure the function of sensors, inputs, and devices on robots and on Control Board
  • Works on the Design Committee to help establish a cohesive and well planned design for all robots

CAD Officer

  • Reports to the Engineering Director
  • Organizes workshops to teach students to use CAD and Solidworks
  • Works on the Design Committee to help establish a cohesive and well planned design for all robots
  • Organizes and manages all CAD related projects
  • Works with the Build Lead to establish consistency between robot design and construction of the robot
  • Works with the Secretary and Build Lead to keep engineering notebooks

Build Officer

  • Should have at least one year of experience with the FRC program
  • Reports to the Engineering Director
  • Manages & organizes the team during FRC build
  • Leads technical portions of the FRC Program
  • Ensures a daily task list is made and posted at meetings
  • Ensures proper organization and productivity amongst students
  • Ensures build schedule is created and deadlines are met
  • Organizes workshops and ensures team members are adequately prepared for technical tasks
  • Manages the parts officer and safety officer.
  • Works with the Documentation Lead and CAD Lead to keep engineering notebooks
  • Works with the Parts Officer and Competition Officer to organize the transportation of robots, tools, and parts to and from competition

Media Officer

  • Manages & organizes students involved in media related tasks
  • Reports to the Communications Lead
  • Ensures team events are documented by team photographers and videographers
  • Ensures team media is compiled, archived and maintained, manages website media galleries
  • Organizes workshops as necessary to train students in visual media tools
  • Coordinates animation tasks & submissions
  • Coordinates with leadership team to ensure all media-related needs are met.

Community Outreach/Communications Lead

  • Reports to the Communication Lead
  • Responsible for maintaining and improving team image, identity and presence
  • Works with the Secretary and Media Officer to ensure team events are documented
  • Finds, organizes, and staffs outreach events
  • Manages and organizes team presence at events & robot demonstrations
  • Manages and organizes the Team 1899 FLL mentor program
  • Responsible for communication with schools hosting 1899 FLL programs
  • Works with the Finance Lead to finance outreach programs, events, and FLL teams
  • In charge of funds and fundraisers

Image Officer

  • Take care of the branding of the team
  • Keeps the team spirited and supportive
  • Artistic and creative parts of robotics (spirit gear, t-shirts, bows, etc.)
  • Pit area designs and decor
  • Keeps our team looking good with the theme, which is wood

Vice President

  • Helps the administration
  • Assist the president in running the meetings and making sure that they go smoothly
  • Keeps things organized and neat
  • Serves as a liaison between the school board and the president


  • Serves as an aid to the entire robotics team
  • Fills out and completes the paperwork for the team
  • Also sorts the paperwork in an orderly way to keep organized