2015 Competition

2015: Recycle Rush

The game for 2015, Recycle Rush is designed around the concept of sorting and placing objects by type. It is played on a pair of 26′ by 27′ playing fields by a pair of Alliances of three robots each. The objective is to stack totes on scoring platforms, and then place a recycling container over said stack. There are also pieces of pool litter scattered around the field, which must be disposed of. In order to fit with the theme, all pieces are reusable or recyclable.

The game starts with a 15-second Autonomous period, during which the robots operate independently and try to earn points by moving recycling totes, containers, and themselves into the Auto Zone between the scoring areas. During the remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds,  the robots are controlled by their operators from behind a wall at the end of the field. Alliances cooperate in order to place as many of their totes as possible on the scoring platforms. They place recycling containers for extra points, receiving more points for higher containers.
Litter, on the other hand, goes in the Landfill Zone. Alliances also receive points for placing litter on top of or inside recycling containers. Litter that is not properly disposed off, however, adds points to the other Alliance’s score. Alliances also get extra points for cooperating, and if four totes are placed on the step simultaneously, points are awarded. If the totes are placed in a single stack, the points earned are doubled.

You can find the game animation here.