2017 Competition

2017: FIRST Steamworks

The game for 2017, FIRST Steamworks, was stylized to have a steam-punk aspect to the game. The game involved robots fueling steam tanks by filling them with balls and giving gears to an airship, all in an attempt to prepare their airship for takeoff. When the end of the game came around, the robots would have to climb the airship so they could takeoff with the airship. This game was the first to involve two human players who were stationed in the field as they had to help get the airship ready to takeoff by receiving and placing gears, as well as letting ropes down for the robots to climb.

The game started with an autonomous period during the first 15 seconds of the match, where robots (without drivers) could score points moving forward and placing a gear onto the airships pegs, so the human players could pull them up and place them in their respective slots. During autonomous, robots could also shoot wiffle balls into tall or short fuel tanks and score points. After 15 seconds, teleop period started, where drivers could control the robot and score in the same ways as during autonomous period. During the last 30 seconds of the game, ropes were released from the airship and the robots could attempt to climb the ropes and touch a sensor at the top, showing that they climbed the airship.

Watch the game animation here.