2018 Competition

2018: FIRST Power Up

The 2018 game, First Power Up, was designed to follow be played like a video game with real life robots. The game required robots to use power cubes to tip scales towards their favor, getting points for each second they “owned” a scale. Team’s could also choose to bring their cubes back to the home alliance and use them for power ups which could give the team an advantage during the game, such as the forced ownership of one of the scales. Finally, at the end of the game, the robot had to either be on the platform near the tower, or find a way to climb the single bar given for the whole team, which would then cause that team to beat the boss.

The game started with an autonomous period during the first 15 seconds, and then teleop period would begin. During the autonomous period, the robot could do any of the same tasks as in teleop, except get more points for each task done. Robot could also decide to get on the platform or climb whenever they wanted, giving more freedom for teams to do more tasks during teleop.

The game animation can be found here.