2016-2017 Season Summary

The team started the 2016-2017 season implementing a training system to help keep all of its members entertained and learning, solving one of the biggest issues from the previous year. Building on the groundwork laid the year before, the club continued its active role in hosting FLL Eastside Qualifiers and attending science fairs across the district, helping to inspire kids at these events to pursue STEM in the future. The team continued its tradition of hosting a summer camp called SERC (Saints Engineering Robotics Camp).

When the six weeks of build season came around, the team was prepared, focusing on finishing with as much time to practice as possible, which showed in the district competitions. The team went to the Glacier Peak and Auburn Mountainview FRC District Events and managed to do well each time, winning the Imagery Award and the Engineering Design Award at the second competition. The robot’s name itself was Woodie Fliers, in honor of Woodie Flowers, one of the heads of the FIRST Program. The 2016-2017 season left the team with high hopes for the future.