2007 Competition

2007: Rack ‘n Roll

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The objective of the 2007 competition, Rack ‘n Roll, was to raise torus-shaped game pieces and place them upon specially designed rack. The points were calculated with 2 to the nth power, where n was the number of tubes placed horizontally or vertically in a row. At the end of the round, robots scored points for being lifted off the ground.

The game started with a 15 second autonomous period where the robots could attempt to place game pieces onto the rack. Then during the teleop period that followed, the robots could roam anywhere on the field and continue putting game pieces on the rack. The head referee could also pause the game in between the autonomous period and the teleoperated period. The last 15 seconds was the end game, where the robot lifted itself onto the rack and would get points for how high it traveled of the ground by the end.

Watch the game animation here.

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