2008 Competition

2008: FIRST Overdrive


The goal of the 2008 competition, FIRST Overdrive, was to herd trackballs in laps around a circular track, with extra points awarded for “hurdling” the trackballs over an overpass. This was the first year of a “Hybrid” period instead of an “Autonomous” period, which allowed a human “robocoach” to send signals to the robot, such as “turn left” through an IR remote.  Themed after a race track, robots could also just score points by running around the race track.

For bonus points, the track balls could be placed back on the rack, however the opposing alliance could remove the balls if allowed.

The game started with the hybrid period for the first 15 seconds, and then it shifted to the teleoperated period, with robots in both cases able to score by driving around the track and herding trackballs.

Watch the game animation here.

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