Leadership Guide

Leadership at Saints Robotics

Saints Robotics is proud to say that we are an entirely student-run team. But in order to be a successful team, we have several leader and officer positions for each sub-team. Over the years, to accommodate the growing team, the leadership team has grown as well to have seventeen members. We hold brief weekly meetings just to check in, and then hold more extensive meetings periodically throughout the year in order to sort out logistical issues or concerns regarding the team.

Mr. Kimura, one of our former mentors, gave an extensive presentation on leadership, for which we are all thankful for. We believe that this presentation will be useful both in and outside of robotics. Despite being somewhat lengthy, this is a must read for all leaders. Please feel free to download the original powerpoint or the PDF of the presentation.

The team’s policy manual outlines the roles and responsibilities of individual members of the team in more detail as well, and can be found here.

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