Media Guide

Media Links

  • Media Handbook – Handbook made by our team for taking pictures, videos, editing, uploading, and coordinate key shots
  • YouTube Link – Link to our team’s YouTube channel, our old YouTube channel can also be found here
  • Instagram – Link to the team’s Instagram account
  • Facebook – Link to the team’s Facebook account
  • The Blue Alliance – Link to The Blue Alliance which keeps track of our previous records and achievements as well as how the team is doing at competitions
  • Helpful design tips
    • User Stories  – A method of approaching design from a user-end perspective
    • 10 User Experience tips – Mainly related to Web design, but can be applied to other things as well
    • Cheating at Graphic Design – Practical Guide to making better graphic design choices
      • Aims for usability not aesthetics
      • Tip 4 is subjective, too much spacing isn’t that great either (read comments)
      • The author’s own article fails the color contrast test, so don’t follow the guide word for word
      • Read the comments as they correct the author on multiple points and add more tips
  • Media Tools
    • You should use Adobe CC suite whenever possible, however if you can’t afford them, here are some alternatives
      • Photoshop:
      • Illustrator:
        • Inkscape(free) – Works well if you know how to use it, but has a sharp learning curve and looks like its from the middle ages.
        • Gravit Designer(free) – Newer and aesthetic web based cross-platform software, easier to learn but as of writing more bugs and less featured. 
        •  Figma(free) – Technically its an interface design tool, but works well as a vector tool. IMO easiest to learn and use, but lacks feature.
        •  Affinity Designer (50$ one time fee) – the best software out of the bunch and the closest, if not better then Illustrator, but costs money
      • Premiere Pro:
        • No actual free alternative (though Windows movie maker and imovie if you have to) 
        • Final Cut Pro(300$ mac only) 
        • Real sketchy way of doing things:
          • Use a combination of Blender’s video editor, Kdenlive, NukeX(free trial, use FFMPEG to convert the export back into mp4)
      • After Effects:

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